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Willow Beauties is the newest way to manage brands that are in need of senior-level executive beauty brand management, turn around management and other support staffing. Willow Beauties also reinvents the old fashion “broker/rep/consultant” model by making brands our own from placement to sell-through.

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Felicia Jayes

Felicia Jayes, founder and brand strategist of Willow Beauties, is a results-driven brand advocate, with executive background, documented record of building successful teams and exceeding sales and expense goals while quickly achieving profitability. Knowledge of all sales processes, demonstrating solid leadership, management and analytical skills.

Adept at analyzing market opportunities and developing solid C-level relationships with national and retail accounts, bringing a unique blend of leadership, strategy, team development, mentoring, and corporate growth across a diverse background. 

Expertise + Interests

  • Leader in beauty business

  • Leader in brand development

  • Nails, hair, cosmetics, sundries, and accessories

  • Leadership and empowerment guest speaker

  • 20+ years licensed professional nail technician (State of Illinois)

  • 20+ years beauty educator and mentor – educating on all levels

  • Competition nail artist and nail trend expert

  • Networking guru – making connections that last! 

  • 20+ years makeup artist (MUA)
“As the company’s founder, I offer more than an introduction to a new account. I create brand success at a new level with real time marketing and development strategies, legacy brand intelligence, talent development, and empowerment. I identify need gaps in branding and create rebranding strategies, results ... launch more new products, increase space, and reduce markdowns and lost profits.”
— Felicia Jayes, Founder + Brand Strategist of Willow Beauties



Renee Zomaya

With over 25 years of experience, Renee Zomaya brings a unique and personal perspective to your task. Well-versed in all things “consumer,” Renee is keen on the subtle nuances that set great brands apart from the average. Good design isn’t just pretty, it makes your company or product more valuable. Market strategy and design go hand-in-hand, and with Renee’s strong belief in team collaboration, together we can create fresh, impactful identities and experiences for consumers.

Graphic Design, Brand Ideation, Content Creation, Photography, Prop Styling, Art Direction


Christine Khoshbin

Christine Khoshbin flourishes in the development and execution of all online and offline marketing campaigns for the intent of lead generation. With over 10 years of experience in the digital space, Christine takes pride in generating brand awareness, maintaining positive media relations, and nurturing relationships by creating and sharing meaningful content via all marketing channels. Christine ensures brand messaging is consistent, timely and relevant.

Digital Marketing, Website Design, Email Marketing, Automation, Copywriting, Social Media

Yvette Masterson

A well-respected public relations leader and social media expert, Yvette Masterson has an outstanding reputation for driving sales through creative marketing, execution of strong editorial placement and negotiation skills resulting in solid partnerships. Yvette has over 20 years of extensive PR experience, and has significantly enhanced the images of some of today's leading brands. Yvette enjoys promoting clients in the fashion, accessories, beauty, cosmetic, skin care, salon, and day spa industries. With Yvette’s deep influencer relations, she is a key contributor to all major industry influencer events.

Public Relations, Influencer Events, Social Media, Digital Media, Editorial and Celebrity Placement

Paris Wilson

Paris Wilson is a passionate digital media expert with a strong background in social media management, researching content creators, and managing media campaigns. She joins us with a deep understanding and knowledge of the beauty industry, and takes pride in building relationships with media and managing social media accounts. Paris is a key contributor to all event coordination and execution, largely with incluencer-related special events.

Digital Media, Social Media Management, Influencer Outreach, Media Campaigns, Special Events

Philip Boxer

With over 40 years in the display industry, Philip Boxer has an eye for brand awareness and the ability to design and manufacture the perfect display for any consumer product, specializing in the cosmetic and skin care categories. Together, we create the perfect display to bring attention to your product, in this very competitive retail environment. 

 Specialties: Custom Retail Displays and Fixtures, Consumer Products, Design and Manufacturing

Cindi Mabadi

Cindi is professional, reliable and passionate when engaging with clients and brand partners. She excels in new business development with start-up and emerging brands. Networks and builds relationships with experience and expertise in beauty and haircare. Accredited achievements in new business development and brand growth as lead roles of executive sales and account management. 


Business Development, Start-Up Experience, Record-Breaking Sales, Account Management, New Lead Generation, Execute Brand Strategy, Brand Storyteller


Jenn Gehl

With more than 20 years of experience in design and production, Jennifer is adept in workflow development, production planning, branding, project management and creative strategy. Her strong creative manager skills bring a balance to her execution of retail visual merchandising, events, print and digital design. Jennifer focuses on brand cohesiveness across all media.


Beauty Industry, Graphic Design, Brand Ideation, Content Creation, Typography, Retail Design, Event Production

Janna Epstein

With a background in psychology and the arts, Janna Epstein brings a dynamic blend of experience and skills into copywriting and content creation. Specializing in e-commerce, digital marketing, and product copy, she has developed a keen sense of how to hone content to the target audience, as well as how to define the brand voice for companies. Driven by a strong passion for beauty and storytelling, she prides herself in her ability to craft a compelling customer and lifestyle experience through her copy and content.


Copywriting, Content Creation, Product Copy, Brand Voice Development, Creative Storytelling